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This a training program aimed at deepening the relevance of play from a developmental and therapeutic point of view, knowing theoretical models and consolidating practical intervention tools in the Play Therapy sector. It is ideal for professionals who are active in the field of childhood.

Play Therapy education Belgrade INA 2018

Recipients: qualified mental health professionals and new graduates interested in developmental work. Professionals from other sectors (educational, health, rehabilitation and social) are admitted on dossiers. All lessons are in English.


● 156 hours: training 132 hours supervision 24 hours

● Internship related to two case studies (at least 10 sessions for 2 children and written/video documentation)

● Final paper

● Individual study at home.



Certification: Certificate of competence in Foundations and Applications of Play Therapy. The release is subject to a 100% participation. It concurs to the total amount of hours for the recognition of Play Therapist from the APT USA and APT Italy and for the certification of Specialist in Therapeutic Play fom APT Italy.


Calendar: beginning on September 5, 2018 Schedule: 09.00-12.30 and 13.30-17.00.


Venueall modules take place in Belgrade, Serbia apart from module B which can be followed online or live in Rome-Italy.


Registration: for all the education: until August 31, 2018.

Any additional module: up to 3 days before the start. Note: all modules have limited number of participants.


Trainers: recognized by Association for Play Therapy APT USA and/or Association for Play Therapy Italy APTI.


For more information please write,

call the following numbers+39 340 704 87 34 (IT); +41 76 679 46 55 (CH)

or fill the following form:



in the context of the Project “Developing Play Together”

February 09-25, 2018

The Educational travel is conceived for professionals who are active in the field of childhood and it's introduced in the context of the Project “Developing Play Together”.

Progetti psicosociali INA Play Therapy 2

The project is aimed at developing a conscious and qualified educational network that includes the daily application of psycho-educational skills and activities based on play especially within the public and private schools of the Ikeduru Region.


INA offers its trainees a complete training experience on "how to use the Therapeutic Powers of Play to promote healthy development and psychosocial well being with vulnerable and at risk children”. Participants will have the opportunity to DEVELOP new and effective working tools and to CONSOLIDATE their skills directly ON THE FIELD.

The immersion in an International Cooperation context promote an enriching exchange also from a personal point of view.


Educational travels also contribute to ensuring the financial sustainability of the project. Apart from participants' travel and stay costs, the registration fees are entirely reinvested in the project!


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Filial Therapy is a highly effective intervention integrating family therapy and play therapy to address child and family problems. Therapists learn how to train and supervise parents as they conduct special Child-Centered play sessions with their own children (aged 3-12), an approach designed to resolve presenting problems while strengthening family relationships.

Filial Therapy has been used successfully with many child and family problems: oppositional behaviours, anxiety, depression, abuse/neglect, single parenting, traumatic events, attachment/adoption/foster care, relationship problems, divorce, family substance abuse, family reunification, chronic illness, and others.

Filial Therapi INA Serbia

A research history spanning more than 50 years has consistently shown Filial Therapy to be costeffective in facilitating positive and long-lasting child and family change. This workshop gives participants all of the skills they need to immediately conduct the full family therapy form of Filial Therapy developed by the Guerneys, along with a number of other formats that are available.

Participants' requirements

This training is open to psychologists, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, family therapists, school

counselors and other experienced professionals who work with children and families. Participants must have

already attended a recognized training in Child-Centered Play Therapy.

Il Master si svolgerà a Roma a partire dal 16 marzo 2018.


INA Master Play Therapy 2


Il percorso di formazione è rivolto ad approfondire la rilevanza del gioco dal punto di vista evolutivo e terapeutico, conoscere modelli teorici e consolidare strumenti d'intervento del settore della Play Therapy.


È destinato a professionisti della salute mentale abilitati alla professione e neolaureati interessati al lavoro in ambito evolutivo. Professionisti di altri settori (educativo, sanitario, riabilitativo e sociale) sono ammessi su dossier.



Claudio Mochi ed Isabella Cassina in collaborazione con il Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center presentano un approfondimento intensivo del modello Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) seguendo le metodologia che Guerney e Vanfleet  hanno sviluppato sul lavoro pionieristico di V. Axline (1947). 

La  Child-Centered Play Therapy è una delle più longeve, efficaci e più frequentemente utilizzate forme di Play Therapy. Grazie alle solide evidenze scientifiche e alla sua ampia applicabilità, è per i bambini uno degli interventi terapeutici più appropriati dal punto di vista evolutivo.

Le abilità su cui si fonda la CCPT sono, inoltre, estremamente utili anche quando si praticano forme più direttive di Play Therapy. Questo approccio è anche alla base dell'intervento di Play Therapy familiare denominato Filial Therapy.


 Child Centered Play Therapy corso Roma Academy for Play Therapy



INA PT-PSP è un’Associazione professionale riconosciuta che interviene in ambito della Cooperazione internazionale...

soci Sostenitori INA
 Con INA puoi realizzare il tuo desiderio di solidarietà  verso il mondo dell'infanzia partecipando concretamente al cambiamento...


gioco Terapeutico Isabela Cassina

I Principi Terapeutici del gioco applicati da figure provenienti dal settore educativo, sociale e sanitario-riabilitativo...

Introducing INA Play Therapy gioco terapeutico

L'APT-USA definisce la Play Therapy come "il sistematico uso di un modello teorico per stabilire un processo interpersonale...



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INA bambini migranti PlAY THERAPY


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Modulistica INA Play Therapy


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