The Magic Home: A Displaced Boy Finds a Way to Feel Better by Isabella Cassina, 2020

the magic home is a psychoeducational book for children written and illustrated by isabella cassina

Dettagli libro:

Editore: Loving Healing Press (2020)
Autore: Isabella Cassina
Traduttore: Gerardina Ricigliano
Venduto da: LHP, INA Play Therapy, Amazon
Stampato in USA, colori, cop. morbida e rigida, 52 pp
Lingua: inglese
ISBN-10: 1615995110 | ISBN-13: 978-1615995110

The Magic Home is a story for those who believe in magic, to turn fear into bravery and let fantasies run wild! This is a tale of a little boy that lives with his family, plays happily in the courtyard with his brother, sister, a brown dog and a fluffy white rabbit, and cannot wait to start school. Suddenly he has to leave for an unpredictable journey...

The Magic Home, written and illustrated by Isabella Cassina, registered Therapeutic Play Specialist (APTI) and PhD Student in Expressive Arts Therapy, offers psychoeducational support for children, parents and childhood professionals who are assisting children through the difficult transition of displacement.

The author presents a guide for caregivers grounded in the principles of Play Therapy that allows children to be engaged in a dynamic and motivating process based on their capacities and the objectives defined by a caring adult.

The book is ideal for easy reading with individuals and groups, and the suggested activities can be used between parent and child, at school, in a healthcare agency or any other place where children spend time.

The book is distributed in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

About the author

the magic home is a psychoeducational book for children written and illustrated by isabella cassina

Isabella Cassina is a Swiss social worker specialized in International Cooperation and Therapeutic Play. She holds a Master of Arts from The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies IHEID in Geneva, and she is recognized Therapeutic Play Specialist by the Association for Play Therapy Italy APTI.

She worked for the Swiss Red Cross as Head of the Social Services in the refugees sector. Isabella has acknowledged significant experience as humanitarian worker, trainer and international speaker. She is co-founder and project manager for INA International Academy for Play Therapy studies and PsychoSocial Projects based in Switzerland, and consultant for the APTI. She has undertaken a Ph.D. in Expressive Arts Therapy in Switzerland.

Read more on the author here and follow Isabella through the social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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